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Nautical activities: ideas to do on board!

14 Apr 2021

Are you one of those who prefer to relax on board? Or do you prefer to do water sports and never stop? We have something for everyone!

Water sports for the more active

Of course, water sports are the big draw for many. Snorkelling and scuba diving are excellent options if you want to observe the depths. Especially in certain calm areas with good visibility, you’ll love it!

On the other hand, you have kayaking and paddle surfing. Of course, you’ll need space on your boat to carry all your equipment. If that’s the case, they’re great options for enjoying the peace and quiet of the sea, the breeze and, of course, the sun!

Are you one of those who prefer to replace calm with adrenaline? Perfect! In that case, water skiing is the perfect sport for you. Or, if you usually choose snowboarding instead of skiing, you can always try its aquatic version: wakeboarding.

Fishing and cooking

If you opt for a more relaxed plan, fishing and good gastronomy are for you. But bear in mind that you have to anchor in an area where fishing is permitted and obtain the relevant licences and authorisations beforehand.

And then? You can always cook what you’ve caught or make a varied menu! There are endless recipes that you can prepare on board. And the truth is that enjoying good food at sea is priceless!

Get out and Discover the coast!

That’s all. In the end, this is the great objective of sailing: to discover the sea and its coasts from a perspective that we cannot have on land. Choose the area that most appeals to you, always sticking to what your licence allows, and dedicate yourself to exploring every nook and cranny.

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